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Easy Workout Tips for Transgender and Queer Folx

How to "Workout" for the First Time *Trans Mental Health Edition

Hey there! I'm Colton, Executive Director of CAKE. Before working in the nonprofit space, I use to be a full time personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Something that always stood out to me though, was there was no "easy way" for trans and/or queer folx to learn the basics of working out without putting themselves in an "umcomfy" environment. That's why I started this amazing company we have today! This intro blog is meant to guide you not only for "what to do" but "how to do it". I mean that in an emotional and mental health way.

This guide will set you up to sustain happy and health habits from day one! Let's get to it.

Tip #1 - Forgive yourself, and get ready to start fresh!

This means every time in the past that you've made a decision that wasn't in your best interest, or every time you may stray away from your goals. Forgiving yourself and being consistent requires more strength than the heaviest weight in the gym.

Without consistency, and without loving yourself, working out will not be enjoyable or a part of your life.

Bonus: Even if that means a 3-7 day break, get back to it once you're ready!

Tip #2 - Create a Trans Workout Environment that is ENJOYABLE.

You heard me. That means begin your process from day one with a foundational environment that encourages you! You want your atmosphere to match the mood you are trying to create. Hang flags, get your gender-affirming super hero, heroine, awesome savior of the movie out, roll out a gender-affirming yoga mat, put on some Cher or Miley or idk maybe TikTok Banger! You know what is going to positively reinforce your habits best! So make whatever space you're working out in an enjoyable zone that will motivate you to come back.

Ideas for areas to workout:

  1. Bedroom