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Trans+ Fitness Classes

Our revolutionary Health and Fitness Program is centered around the trans and gender-expansive experience. We have formulated work out strategies to be all-body and all-gender identity inclusive.

Our classes are all taught by trans+ identifying individuals.

Thank you for supporting Trans-led services!

Coming January 2022!

Fitness Equipments

All Bodies Fitness Classes

Our classes range from weight lifting bootcamps to core strengthening floor workouts!

All body positive.

All fitness level friendly.

Classes designed with you in mind.

The Dance Floor

Dance /Fitness Classes

We offer Zumba classes as well as speciality classes such as "Cumbia" taught by Trans Immigrants showcasing their beautiful art from their countries!

Everyone is welcome, try one today!

Yoga Studio

Our Stretch and Relaxation Classes

These classes are a great way to wake up and boost your mood today! Focused on mobility, flexibility and dedicating time to increase your positive mindset.

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