Ready for some CAKE?

Cake Society Co is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit community-based organization. We are one of the first ever BIPOC Trans + Gender-Expansive led health, wellness and fitness organizations.


Our goal is to increase the positive mental health impact of our community, through access to health, wellness and fitness.

Our services encompass all trans and gender-expansive health and wellness needs.

Check out one of our mental health groups, attend one of our LGBTQ+ community planning events or stop by one of our FREE weekly fitness classes.

We are here to support our community.


Why we exist

Doorway Light

91 %

of Trans and Gender-Expansive individuals feel unaccepted 

within their communities

Attributing factors include lack of family support, community approval and gender-identity biased.

(Movement Advancement Project + Biden Foundation, 2019).



of Trans + Gender -Expansive individuals face job discrimination.


Meanwhile, the unemployment 

rate of our community is 3x higher than the national average

(National Center for Trans Equality, 2016;Short, 2016).

Female Bust

3 OUT OF 4

Trans + Gender-expansive people experience negative impact on mental health.


This is due to mistreatment and societal influence.

(The Trevor Project National Survey, 2020).


What We Do


Safe Client-Centered Environment

Inclusive environments

Low to no-cost barriers of entry

High-quality services by industry experts


Community Jobs + Leadership Training

Variety of skill-building

Workplace opportunities


Leadership Training


Access to in-person/digital career essentials


International Corporate Social Responsibility

Binder Programs

Clothing Exchange

Mutual Aid Support


Asylum-Seeker Assistance


Why the name CAKE?

The premise behind the name: “You deserve to have your cake and eat it too”. The Trans + Gender-Expansive community has historically been one of the most underserved communities.


There’s systematic discrimination that oppresses all-trans folx, leaving them with the concept of “you can be trans, but at some expense or sacrifice” (safety, health, discrimination etc.). 

The word CAKE has multiple meanings within this organization and as a part of pop culture.

CAKE can be used to reference a part of one’s body that moves during dance, as well as positively empowering the features of all beautiful bodies.

We believe everyone deserves to have their CAKE and EAT it too, that is why our health, wellness and fitness classes are for everyone.

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