About Us

Thank YOU for choosing CAKE Society Co. We are honored to have you as part of our community.

Cake Society Co is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit community-based organization. We are one of the first ever BIPOC Trans + Gender Expansive-led health and fitness organizations. We offer a variety of health and wellness related services to the trans and gender-expansive community! 


Please reach out if you’re interested to hello@cakesocietyco.org in learning more or wanting to be a part of the team. We are always interested in hearing from new people and learning YOUR story. 

Our Mission:

Cake Society Co is dedicated to holistically empowering all bodies through a healthier and happier way of not only living, but thriving. Our service is both inspired by and centered around the BIPOC, Immigrant, Trans and Gender-Expansive Community.

Our Beliefs

Cake Society Co. encompasses the belief that the Trans + Gender-Expansive community deserves to eat the “cake” that only one specific demographic has been benefiting off of for far too long. 

That is why our organization centers human-rights and advocacy as the premise of our leadership. Our classes are intended to lift and empower all bodies, regardless of fitness levels. 

That is why we offer classes for everyone.

Why YOUR support matters

CAKE Society Co. challenges the traditional toxic fitness culture which supports only one kind of body and vision. We welcome everyone from all walks of life to our classes and services, while proudly supporting all people without borders. 


When you choose CAKE Society Co. as your health and fitness brand, you are supporting activism, advocacy, and empowerment for all of the community leaders.

Your support also contributes to representation for thousands of others in the online community which impacts the mental health and well-being of countless members of the BIPOC/LGBTQ+ community. 

Thank you for choosing CAKE Society Co. our community thrives off your support!

How we serve
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