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Did you know Transgender individuals who experience a support system have a 52% reduction in suicide ideation and a 46% reduction in suicidal attempts, while increased mental health and better body image? (Evangelista, 2021).

When you support our community, you give the gift of positive mental health, inclusive fitness & wellness programs, and hope for a better future for trans and gender-expansive folx.

Join us in changing the lives of our community members by selecting a monthly donation below.


Supports 30 days of access

to health, wellness and fitness programming

for 1 community member.

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Provides mental health and

gender-affirming resources for

at-risk members.

Supports 2 community mental health events

& 60 days of access to health, wellness and fitness programming for 2 members.

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Gives the gift of gender-affirmation resources,

and unlimited health, wellness

& fitness programming for an entire year to 3 members.

What Our Clients Say

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J (He/Him) Transmasc Participant from LGBTQ+ Community Day

"I really appreciated the presentation from the mental health lady. I didn't know about any of that before, and I'm glad I was included in the event."

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