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Our volunteers are family!

Interested in volunteering? Here’s what you need to know:

We are excited to begin accepting applications for volunteers. In alignment with our mission statement and as an effort to make the barrier to entry accessible to all, traditional criteria for application will be considered but optional. This includes things such as resumes, work experience, educational/academic backgrounds. All of which are optional to include upon submission to apply to be a volunteer. 

*Volunteer opportunities are open to EVERYONE. This includes allies of the LGBTQ+ Community. 

Google Doc for Volunteer Guide:


Google Form Application:

**Optional to Form for applying:

  1. Email with the subject title: CAKE Volunteer Application

  2. Write a 1 paragraph explanation of why you would like to volunteer for Cake Society Co.

  3. Briefly discuss the area or position you are interested in and any skillset(s) you would like to develop or learn more about.

  4. Include any of your professional or personal social media handles if you’re comfortable sharing. Ex. Instagram, LinkedIn, Etc. 

Lastly, as we continue to be mindful of our mission we are looking to begin to host workshops and events to better serve the community. This may include training for those seeking to learn how to apply to jobs, volunteer positions etc. If interested in learning more please stay in touch on our social media for FREE services dedicated to empowering you!

Let's Connect!

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If you're interested in sponsoring or partnering,
please send us a message

We have different opportunities to connect ranging from sponsoring memberships of trans + gender-expansive youth to donating to one of our international resource distribution programs.

Reach out to with questions if interested!


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Charles & Ethel Walker Foundation, Inc.

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