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(GAEF) Gender-Affirmation Essential Fund

There's a gap in essentials that trans and gender-expansive folxs need in order to decrease mental health issues that insurance doesn't cover. 


However, being a For-Trans-By-Trans organization, we get it. We understand the struggle and urgent need to have certain gender-affirming items in order to experience psychological- safety. This includes feeling comfortable, safe, and affirmed in your identity.

That is why we created the Gender-Affirmation Essential Fund.

Through our partners, donations, and sponsors we are able to provide at-risk individuals essential elements of their transition. These items are granted without judgment or scrutiny in order to promote positive mental health within our community.

Our Fund and Resource Bank's #1 Goal is to decrease the average number of suicide attempts of the Trans+ community due to experiencing helplessness and lack of support.

Donate today to protect the psychological safety of an at-risk community member.
The G.A.E.F. program is here to help YOU!

Below are examples of Gender-Affirming Essentials we support, if you do not see what you need please consider applying with a request. Trans Health is a spectrum, and our goal is to support at-risk member's needs.


Chest Support/Compression

Examples: Binders, Sport Bras, Chest Plates, Compression Shirts etc.


Emergency Transportation

Example: Uber/Train Ticket to a friends house from dangerous environment etc.


Gender-Affirming Facial Support

Examples: Wigs, Beard Growth Products, Acne Support, Lazer Hair Removal etc.


Bathroom Safety Items 

Examples: STPs, Packers, Tucking Underwear, Menstrual Products etc.


Mental Health Support Items

Examples: ADHD and tactile sensitivity items, anxiety relieving items, Depression Recovery Support etc.


All other Gender-Affirming Support

We understand Trans and Gender-Expansive Health is a spectrum please consider applying with a specific request if you are in urgent need.

1st Step to Applying, submit email w/ Subject GAEF Fund, we will reach out to you!

Thanks for submitting!

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